Bedroom Colors: The Secret to Creating A Romantic Colors

Did you know that the colors you have on your bedroom walls influence the atmosphere of the room? Yes, they do. According to a survey done, the type of color that you use will affect not only your sleep but also the romance.

If you want to create a peaceful and romantic ambiance in your master bedroom, there are different colors that you can consider:

The orange color

Orange radiates happiness and creates a warm atmosphere. The color has combined both the cheerfulness of red and the physical energy of red. Not only does orange rejuvenate the spirit, but it brings out the romance.

There are different ways that you can use the orange color; use it as the primary color or in combination with other colors. Combining orange and yellow will bring out the comfort and coziness of the room. If you have the faux stone design, you can use the Honeybell orange tone.

According to the survey, people with orange colors reported having a better sleep.


Purple is associated with royalty, but it can be a great color for your room if you want to ignite romance. If you want a dramatic but luxurious look in your bedroom, you need the dark purple paint. You need to, however, contrast the room with other colors to avoid dullness.

There are other shades of purple that you can try like lilac and lavender that create a relaxing feeling. While these two colors may not be suitable for the master bedroom; they will be perfect for the children’s room.


This a favorite color for different people for a couple of reasons: it is relaxing, and it creates a calming effect. The deep blue can bring out intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. You need to be cautious when you are choosing your hue of blue. The saturated blue is not suitable during the chilly season.

If the blue is too monotonous, you can add gray and other bright colored items to your bedroom to break the monotony.

Blue has also been known for improving the sleep quality.


This color will combine perfectly with the faux stone if you have any. Teal is made from a mixture of blue and green. Teal is an intense color and it will not be suitable for you to apply on all the four walls. You can use it as an accent instead.

When used with white, teal will make the room lighter and brighter. It also matches well with coral, cream, and navy colors.


Earthy brown is a warm and quiet color. It is, therefore, only suitable as a neutral color. Brown can be used as a background color for the room. You should never make brown a primary color lest you end up with a dull room with no character.

Brown works perfectly in combination with other hues like orange, coral and yellow. You can balance the color off with white or cream items so that the room doesn’t look too dull.


Caramel is known as the color that enhances intimacy. Whether this is true or not, is open for dialogue. However, if you choose to go with caramel, you need to ensure you use orange. Brown can also be used but in small doses.


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